The artist is nothing without the gift,
but the gift is nothing without the work.

About Artist

Sanjay V. Kamble was born in the tiny village of Vaduj Dist. Satara. He did reasonably well in school but found an inclination towards the Arts in his early years. He pursued his passion at the renowned JJ Art school in Mumbai, LS Raheja, Bandra School of Art and Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya in Pune, Maharashtra. He then started his professional career as a Freelance Illustrator doing caricatures for comics and all kinds of work for National and Multinational advertising agencies and newspapers in Mumbai. A one job assignment then took him all the way to Dubai. Since then he has been serving as a successful Art Director and a full-time freelance illustrator including finding time for his first love - painting.

It was long journey faught with challenges but he triumphed with perseverance. According to Sanjay, commercial art may not lead to happiness but painting can give joy and satisfy the soul. Though Sanjay was away from India for the past 12 years, in his own words, he was never separated emotionally from his beloved motherland. He is specially fascinated by Mumbai and its multi-cultural identity and India's vibrant rural landscapes. It is lot more painful when you are away from your soil and for him, the only way to express his emotion is by painting his people and places. He feels it is only when he is painting Indian subjects that he feels completely at home. When he chooses to express on paper or canvas, he enjoys the added challenge of creating the human figure thanks to his rich Illustrator background.

Sanjay is inspired by the mystery of transparent watercolour, and wet on wet is particularly a challenge he relishes. Early on, he was told work hard and paint what you love. Ever since he fell in love with painting, he has injected that passion into everything he does and more often than not, he comes out with flying colours.

Selected Awards and Recognition

  • Pamex International Cover Prize Award (Cover design for Govt.of Maharashtra, India) Subject 'Stree Mukti'
  • Best Caricature in The Hindustan TImes Cartoon Contest (exhibited in Mumbai at the Bajaj Art Gallery)
  • Interview published in Newspapers for Outstanding creative work. Samna (Marathi) / International Indian Magazine
  • First Prize - Creative Category, Photography Contest (Nikon And Dubai International Art Photography Contest)